Quick bio:


Born in England. Grew up and went to school(s) in Singapore, but finished up back in the UK. Graduated in Economics from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1997 (and received my free MA in 2001). Realising that all the interesting bits in my degree were to do with telecoms, people and incentives, I ended up doing an MSc in 1998 and then a PhD in 2003 in the Computer Science Dept at UCL, where I started out looking at telecoms, people and incentives, and also added multiplayer networked games to the mix. After the PhD, moved to Dartmouth in the US, where I became interested in wireless/mobile/pervasive/sensor networking as part of the CMC, and dabbled in security as part of ISTS. In December 2006 I returned to the UK, this time to St Andrews, where I am now a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science. And in 2016 I decided that I didn’t have enough degrees, so went to Edinburgh as a somewhat mature student for an Masters in Law in Innovation, Technology and the Law.